Back in stock!

Happy Monday! After lots of (very lovely) requests over the last couple of years, I’m very pleased to reveal that I have designed a brand NEW range of my greetings cards, inspired by foraging and the wild creatures we share our landscape with.

It’s been a while since I’ve produced cards – the process is surprisingly time-consuming and when I was working full time it just wasn’t viable. Fortunately I’ve now gone freelance, which means I have more time to pursue the things I love! The designs are based on some of our most iconic species of wildlife, and the edible plants that we share with them. These include:

• A dormouse sleeping in a nest of hazel leaves
• A comma butterfly feeding on a wild marjoram flower
• A redwing on the hawthorn berries in winter
• A badger hiding in the wild garlic

I wanted to create a set of designs that accompany my new book Food You Can Forage, which is out now with Bloomsbury. Each of the four designs are matched to a British season, and all cards are blank inside for multiple uses. The packaging is also plastic-free and fully recyclable. They are available to buy through the SHOP tab at the top of my website, or by clicking here. Enjoy!

Card Pack.JPG

Foraging Cards copy.png


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