Votes for Women!

The centenary of women’s suffrage has been a real cause for celebration this week, as 100 years ago British suffragists campaigned to allow women over 30 (who were married or property owners) to vote in parliamentary elections. This was, of course, the result of decades of protests and just the start of equal rights for women, and I think most forward-thinking people would agree we still have a long road ahead in terms of gender equality.

However, this centenary marks the triumph of the men and women who fought to rid Britain of inequality, and I was very proud to be asked to speak at the Petersfield Museum‘s fantastic centenary event on the ‘Inspirational Women of Petersfield’. I spoke about my journey from a blogger to published author, and it was an amazing start to a busy year of talks for me as I look forward to promoting my first book which is published in just one month(!)

It was also a privilege to hear from the other speakers who explored the lives of celebrated artist Flora Twort, Bedales school founder and suffragette Amy Garrett Badley, and renowned conductor Kathleen Merritt. The museum have an awesome programme of walks, talks & events this year, so take a look at their website for more information. I’ll be talking there again later in the year, and you can see the rest of my events calendar here.



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