A Sky full of Stars

Dave’s been away on tour for the past few weeks, and while I’m usually fairly good at keeping myself busy in times of solitude, on Thursday evening I really couldn’t be bothered to slob around watching Only Fools & Horses repeats on Netflix. Dusk fell, and I decided to take a drive up to Butser Hill nearby, one of the darkest and highest points in the South Downs National Park. The day had been gloriously hot with bright, cerulean skies, and I knew the night sky, equally cloudless and still, would be perfect for stargazing.

In 2016, the South Downs National Park was declared an International Dark Sky Reserve due to the low levels of light pollution found here. Despite my poor photography skills, I wanted to try experimenting with long exposures to see if I could capture the night sky in my lens, and it was also a deliciously warm night for stretching my legs and attempting to spot the odd bat or badger. Over the next hour and a half, I completed a loop around the hill and managed to get a few pleasing shots of the stars… A productive evening, but plenty of room to expand my camera knowledge!

IMG_4815 (1).jpg



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