Beltain Interview on Radio 4

Last week we held our annual Beltain festival at Butser Ancient Farm! Beltain is an ancient ritual celebrated by the Iron Age people, to welcome in the summer months and persuade the gods to bless them with a good harvest. At the farm, we build a 30ft wickerman and burn him down at the end of a glorious evening of live music, dancing, storytelling, real ale and cider, Celtic mead, hog roast, metallurgy, woodwork, flintknapping, maypole, astronomy and much more.

On the morning of this year’s Beltain I was interviewed on BBC Radios 4’s Saturday Live. You can find out more information on the festival here!


2 thoughts on “Beltain Interview on Radio 4

  1. Brilliant interview, Tiffany! Would love to know the origin for your spelling ‘Beltain’? We have Bealtaine (bright fire) and I’ve read it as Beltane (Scots Gaelic I think). Would love to know the translation of your spelling ☺️

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