30 Days Wild: Week Three

I’m still loving this challenge set by the Wildlife Trust – to get everyone doing something wild every day throughout June.


We were sitting in the garden on Monday evening and happened to see these tiny spider babies chilling out on a sun-drenched leaf. Although I am mortally terrified of house spiders, I find little garden spiders alright. These little babes looked very happy to join the ecosystem.


The farm where I work is always full of wonderful wildlife, from birds of prey and woodpeckers to adders and fallow deer. On Tuesday morning, we were just chatting on the grass when someone spotted this! A little stoat was carrying its kits from one den to another, just like on Springwatch this year! It scurried underground and brought out one baby at a time, all curled up in bundle, and scooted it across the grass to the new den.


Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil on Wednesday morning, I had a wander around the staff room and found this little chap. I soon discovered he was a small magpie moth, and as he later disappeared I hope he once again made it out into the wide world. Such beautiful markings! I am absolutely hopeless with butterfly and moth identification; this is probably the first moth I’ve ever learnt the name of!


After the excitement of last week’s elderflower wine and fritters, I thought I’d make use of the last flowers before they disappear again. On Thursday I made elderflower cordial, which was really quite delicious! The only problem with making these delicious beverages is the ungodly amount of zest grating required…


I decided to visit my little lamb Juliet today, who I’ve been bottlefeeding since she was born. I’ve weaned her off the milk now and she happily grazes with the other adult ewes, but I miss spending time with her every day! I needed to pick dandelions for one of the education activities we do with the visiting schoolchildren, so I used it as an excuse to spend some time in the sheep paddock. She liked the dandelions.


This year I’ve started volunteering for the Bat Conservation Trust on their Out of Hours Helpline! I applied for it last winter, and in April we went for training at their head office in Vauxhall. Once or twice a month, I take up a shift of bat calls when the office is closed. This means that if anyone finds an injured bat or roost and they call the BCT helpline, the call is sent through to me and I talk them through the situation, help them release the bat or find a local carer if it’s injured. It’s so much fun to do, and really rewarding!


Twenty One
This afternoon we went to the classic car show at the Deer Hut in Liphook. I’m not a huuuuge fan of cars, but they had a fantastic bookstall raising money for the local scouts, and I found this big, beautiful book about the British isles. My mum also bought me a book about a family in WWII that rescued injured wildlife, so I can’t wait to read that either!


2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild: Week Three

  1. What lovely photos! Those tiny spiderlings are adorable, and the moth is stunning. I’ve been playing with watercolors in recent weeks – I may try to paint it. (Try being the operative word there; I’ve the skill level of an elementary school student with none of the relaxed creativity. Alas!) Your work with the Bat Conservation Trust sounds so interesting. Thanks for sharing your wild activities.

    1. Thanks for commenting! The spiderlings were so cute to watch – your watercolour experiments sound delightful! I love watercolours but I find them so hard to master 🙂

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