30 Days Wild: Week Two

I’m absolutely loving the 30 Days Wild challenge! Although I already manage to get outdoors every day, it’s lovely thinking about different ways to enjoy the wild and try new things. You can still get involved by registering here!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 09.09.41

Ok, so really not the most riveting or photographically excellent picture, but this is one of our Iron Age roundhouse roofs at work. If you look very closely you can see a little beige blob on the outer circle – this is one of our swallow nests! We are lucky enough to receive a gaggle of swallows every spring, and they usually find lots of little nooks to nest in. It’s amazing they can survive with all the smoke from the fire – perhaps it has health benefits?!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 21.22.27

We moved house last June to an area near to the edge of town, which means we now have a huge array of wildlife and birds in the garden. We had heard rumours from the neighbours that there might be hedgehogs in our road, so we’ve been putting mealworms and sunflower hearts out in the garden. We wondered if it might just be the cats eating it, so my mum borrowed a trailcam from her work and put it out last night. And argghh look what turned up! We’re so excited! I’m now going to organise a mini-mission to ensure all our neighbours have holes in their fences, so our road will hopefully be a hog haven.


We have a huge pile of log timbers at the farm, and we’ve recently been spotting an adder slithering around in the sun. I’ve been hoping to spot her for ages! On Springwatch this week they’ve been talking about adders and how the females are having their babies around now, so we’re hoping this is a mother-to-be enjoying the last of her freedom.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 17.45.48

I think everyone in the country must have seen a few sprigs of elderflower blossoming by now! It only tends to bloom for a couple of weeks a year, and we’ve already harvested some for culinary purposes. We’ve started fermenting a big bucket of elderflower champagne, and also tried these elderflower fritters from Country Living magazine, which were so delicious!


I saw this fuzzy bee on a flower at the farm and couldn’t resist a photo. I absolutely LOVE bees! I’ve tried to ID this just from this photo and I think it might be a buff-tailed bumblebee, but as I can’t see the tail I’m not sure! We have lots of wildflowers around the farm which is really important for healthy bees.


I’ve never really twitched much before but I reckon it is seriously addictive… This was my first ever twitch alone! I went to Titchfield Haven nature reserve to see the Greater Yellowlegs that’s had Twitter all a-flutter. It was showing wonderfully, and I then went down to the main reserve with my parents for a lovely walk. We saw lots of avocet chicks, lapwings, little egrets, gulls, terns and shelducks.


Sunday is usually my horsey day. I ride my friend’s chestnut mare Marigold while my friend rides Marigold’s naughty son Ambrette. The livery is in the middle of a beautiful set of fields surrounded by trees, and we sometimes go hacking out to Chapel Common, which is one of my favourite places to spend a weekend afternoon. We see plenty of wildlife, and last time I even heard a cuckoo!


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