Leopards for Nepal

Like the rest of the world, I was very saddened to hear about the earthquakes that have recently hit Nepal. The number of casualties are still unclear, and it will take a fair while for the country to recover.

While the people there are receiving much-needed support from charities and foreign aid, many animals and livestock are also suffering. I believe animals are entitled to just as much love and support as their human companions, but it’s also crucial to keep livestock healthy if Nepal is going to get back on its feet.

To help support the animals there, I’ve drawn this little doodle of the elusive clouded leopard (neofelis nebulosa) that roams the Himalayan mountains. There are currently fewer than 10,000 mature individuals left in the wild, but the species is believed to form an evolutionary link between big cats and small cats. They are also believed to be the most talented climbers of the cat world, with the ability to climb down vertical tree trunks head first!

I’m selling prints for just £5 on my website, and all profits will go directly to the Humane Society International‘s Disaster Fund, which is helping feed and nurture lost, abandoned and injured animals.

Thanks for your support!



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