Poem of the Month: November

I’ve been very excited to post November’s poem of the month as it was written by someone I know! Bruce is an ex-Marine, personal trainer and actor who enjoys dabbling in poetry, and he wrote this lovely poem about a rather out-of-place duck in Trafalgar Square. I think it’s fabulous, and I painted a silly little illustration to accompany it. Enjoy!

A Duck Amongst the Pigeons by Bruce Alexander

Trafalgar square is the place to land,
Many a tourist with bread in hand,
A certain dress code is required though,
Unless you’re a pigeon, you just don’t go.

No penguins there in evening suit,
Nor swan or goose or glebe or coot,
A bird of prey might pass on through,
But they have no taste for the birds in grey and blue.

Swallows, tits, finch and wren,
They think of coming but think again,
The pigeons rule this al fresco venue,
With only bread upon its menu.

Until that is, I spy a sight,
One that filled me with such delight,
A flash of colour amidst mediocre grey,
I will always remember ’til my dying day.

A duck amongst the pigeons here,
A sight that filled my heart with cheer,
Through the crowds he waddles proud,
Never afraid to be too loud.

Words and water cannot harm,
As he wanders along so cool, so calm,
A lesson to all, be yourself and shine,
Then with Nelson you can wine and dine.



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