My Green Reads

I once wanted to be a journalist for a while, and although this dream has pretty much dissolved in a haze of media hatred, I have retained my love of specialist magazines. I rarely touch newspapers anymore, but I read a small collection of publications surrounding the theme of wildlife and environmental conservation, and I thought I’d share my favourites! Sort of like book club, but shinier and with more pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 00.14.25  1363769780_bbc-wildlife-magazine-april-2013-1

Resurgence & Ecologist is a fairly new title formed of two established magazines, Resurgence and The Ecologist (shocker). It covers environmental issues, ethical living, philosophy, art and spirituality, and is very much a voice of the green movement in Britain. I really enjoy the eclectic range of topics covered, and there is always something unexpected to learn about. The scientific articles are particularly fascinating, and the entire reading experience is just good for the soul.

BBC Wildlife is one of my favourites mainly because my subscription comes addressed to Lady Tiffany Francis (such fun). It is a vibrant and visually delicious magazine all about wildlife in Britain and around the world, with some really beautiful photography and illustrations. Aside from updates on conservation and research, it features fantastic articles on different species and ecosystems, as well as identification pages to help you explore nature around you. This month’s issue had a great little article about rainforest-friendly coffee that is grown in the canopy shade rather than logging to clear space.

Countryfile March14_800_600_140218023947   bwp_25_5_cover

I can’t help but love Countryfile magazine as I worked as an intern for them whilst at university. It’s a great magazine (and programme) because it explores and celebrates the relationship between humans and nature, from heritage sites and walking trails to country fairs and birdwatching. The only problem I have is they aren’t allowed to take sides with debates like the Hen Harrier crisis, as their target audience is rooted in both sides of the argument: the wonderful nature lovers and the rather short-sighted grouse moor landowners. However, it’s a great magazine and solid companion for country walks, and certainly celebrates the great outdoors!

British Wildlife is one of my favourite finds in recent months. It comes from an independent publishing house and has been a brilliant tool in my personal journey towards understanding ecology. My specialist subject has always been English Literature and I love my Masters which I started in September. However, as I am hoping to become a successful nature writer, I am also determined to get a thorough grounding in ecology and understand how our natural world works. British Wildlife is a super journal with intriguing and thoughtful articles about our nation’s biodiversity, and it has been a really rewarding read for me. I recommend it if you are interested in more than just pretty pictures (although it has those too), and you have a thirst for fresh research and amazing nature stories.


3 thoughts on “My Green Reads

      1. Well dont give up! Having spent many years working in the PR industry i can tell you that there are still some responsible and ethical journalists out there who are not part of the media machine – mostly they tend to be freelancers so free of the Murdoch influences that blight much of our media these days. Good luck!

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