Going Vegetarian

I very recently made the decision to become a vegetarian! I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while, but could never bring myself to give up lamb chops or bacon. I’m too poor to buy meat on a regular basis, but I love a slither of something crispy.

However, as you may have realised I am extremely passionate about protecting the environment and reversing the damage we have done to the planet. I’m the first to admit that I can get pretty heated and preachy about it all, but I realised that by continuing to eat meat I am being incredibly hypocritical. So I’ve decided to give it up – and it feels great!


So why go vegetarian? My reasons are mostly environmental. I absolutely love animals and have always bought free-range where I can, but I chose to become a vegetarian because of the bigger picture. In July The Guardian reported that the red meat industry has a larger carbon footprint than the motoring industry, producing 18% of the world’s global carbon emissions. If that statistic isn’t enough, we are given constant visual reminders of the devastation caused by the industry. Huge areas of rainforest are legally and illegally logged every day to make room for grazing. If you didn’t like Saruman’s treatment of Fangorn Forest in The Two Towers, imagine it happening every day in the Amazon…



I love doing anything I can to combat our environmental crisis, and it feels really good to finally have the balls to give up meat and fish. The main reason I’ve given up fish is because of our global problems with unsustainable fishing and wildlife destruction, and also because of something my friend told me, who works in marine conservation: Our oceans are now so full of plastic that they are starting to find plastic molecules in the fish we eat. Lovely!

‘A recent study into historical records has revealed that since we started fishing on an industrial scale 120 years ago, our major fish stocks have shrunk by a staggering 94%.’
Rabbit Science


I’d like to go the whole hog and become a vegan one day, because the dairy industry can be just as cruel and carbon-consuming as the meat industry, but a dairy-free diet is such a massive lifestyle change. However, it would be a great thing to do and I will one day! For now, I’ve asked for vegetarian cookbooks for Christmas, and I’ve been experimenting with lots of intriguing pulses and funky vegetables.

I’ve also bought one of those lovely brown Paperchase books to collect vegetarian recipes together as a sort of food journal, so please let me know any delicious recipes you’d like to share!

You can follow these links for more information…

Why Go Veg? (Vegetarian Times)

Solutions to Deforestation (Greenpeace) 

Working for Sustainable Fishing (WWF)


7 thoughts on “Going Vegetarian

  1. oh very good decision!! congratulations!! I agree with everything you wrote – I send you lots of motivation and energy that you may succeed with that change in life!!

  2. Quite a moral dilemma, as well as a nutritional one. Although not a vegetarian, I cook a lot of veggie food as some of my family prefer to eat that way for a variety of reasons. The availability of foods such a Quorn (mycoprotein) helps a great deal, but I have also found many very tasty recipes such as beetroot burgers, good old fashioned bubble & squeak ad many more. For inspiration visit Mildreds restaurant in London if you are ever there! Good luck with your choices.

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