A Short Rant: Climate and Celebrity

A few weeks ago I joined half a million people across 166 countries to protest against climate change, and marched through London from Temple to Westminster. It was a fantastic event and inspirational to meet so many people who are passionate about saving our planet from ecological disaster. Being a fundraiser for a wildlife charity, life can get extremely depressing when you speak to a hundred people and not a single one is interested in the environment, or even know why it needs protecting.


Lots of celebrities used their influence positively and marched in London, New York and across the world. Emma Thompson, Peter Gabriel and Vivienne Westwood joined the London march, with Thompson and Westwood giving glorious speeches outside the Houses of Parliament. New York saw celebrities Mark Ruffalo, Evangeline Lilly, Sting and Leonardo DiCaprio take to the streets alongside the normals, using their global fame to highlight the catastrophic changes global warming will bring.

It was great to see so many famous faces taking responsibility with everyone else for our destruction of the natural world, but in many ways I was disappointed. Think of how many ‘celebrities’ there are in the world; that is, how many people are watched, judged and idolised by the rest of humanity. Can you imagine what it would have been like if every one of these people had marched for climate change, and talked about the subject with their fans? Can you imagine how many ridiculous teenagers would have actually shown an interest in renewable energy and Sumatran tigers if One Direction had tweeted about it beforehand?

I am generally very optimistic about the future of our planet, because otherwise it is just too depressing to think about. I’m fighting alongside wildlife organisations, conservationists and naturalists to start fixing the damage we’ve done – but I just wish the people who eat and drink money would gain a little perspective and use their influence for something worthwhile.



4 thoughts on “A Short Rant: Climate and Celebrity

  1. Tiffany,

    What I fear about all of these marches, celebrity activism, and so on, is that whilst the problems get mentioned over and over and over, the solution that will work is never so much as spoken of. The whole reason this situation keeps getting worse is not because of substances or gasses or carbons, but simply because Humans’ reproductive habits have placed such stress on those resources that the consequences are no longer fully avoidable.

    I have yet to see one of these celebs advocate for greater controls over birth rates. Yet that is the only solution. And the birth rate will come down one way or another. Either our species will do it voluntarily, or nature will make us. The deadline before nature gives up and starts making us is rapidly approaching, yet these celebrity marchers keep bleating the old line about doing more with less that made people of my generation actively hostile to “greenies” thirty years ago.

    I posted a much shorter comment to this effect on Kevin Bacon’s Fudgebook page, but the principle is the same. The growth of Human populations has to be reversed. In 1980, if we had started doing so then, one child for every healthy couple might have done the trick. Now, even if we restrict numbers to one child for every *twenty* healthy couples, the effects of the resource footprint of 7.2 billion people are going to take centuries to go away. Assuming they ever do.

      1. Tiffany, thank you, and I really mean that, for that link. I am definitely very interested in this organisation and will be checking it out further in due course. The fact that people like David Attenborough are involved (as is stated on their About/People page) gives me some reassurance that all is not lost quite yet.

        But I do hasten to say that the window of time in which we can resemble the world of The Hunger Games instead of what is in Mad Max: Fury Road (the first trailer I can recall that is brave enough to acknowledge the depletion of water) is closing, and fast. Distressingly fast.

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