In the News: 5 Reasons to Vote Green in the European Elections

I don’t usually write about politics on here, especially my personal voting choices; usually it’s just cake and birds and period dramas. As I’m only 22 I have only voted once before. That was in 2010, before I had left home and realised how messy everything was. Needless to say, I regret who I voted for and now they’re trying to reinstate traditional foxhunting. Super.

I’m not going to try and trick you with subliminal messages into voting for the Green Party. By definition they are driven by selfless objectives, and I would much rather our government be run by people who care about our country in the long-term, than by people who pretend they care whilst siphoning off our resources to the oligarchical minority.

There’s no point in just quoting policies to you, because all party policies are usually written by clever people with a marketing background and you can just read them for yourself. So instead, here are five news articles from the last week which demonstrate the urgency of our environmental crisis, and the drastic need to vote for the Green Party in the European Elections this Thursday.


Tuesday 13th May – Soma Coal Mine Disaster

Last week an explosion at a coal mine in Soma, Turkey caused an underground fire which burned for two days. 787 workers were underground at the time of the explosion, and at least 245 have been killed. The privatisation of the mine in 2005 means that worker safety has been consistently deprioritised in favour of high profits. In 2013 alone, 13,000 miners were involved in accidents, as almost 40% of Turkey’s electricity production depends on coal. This is a tragic example of how a country can claw for profit from an unsustainable resource, rather than investing their time and money into a long-term solution. 


Saturday 17th May – West Antarctica

On Saturday, a NASA conference on the state of the West Antarctic ice sheet announced that the retreat of ice in the Amundsen sea sector is now unstoppable, and will result in a sea level rise of one metre worldwide. This will then trigger the collapse of the rest of the ice sheet, which comes with a sea level rise of three to five metres, displacing millions of people across the globe. Global warming has been ignored for years, as governments have chosen to profit from the production of nonrenewable resources like coal and gas, rather than investing in renewable energy. Now everything has gone tits up, and we need to vote for people who can best cope with the dark days ahead and start reversing the damage.


Sunday 18th May – British Bird Egg Destruction

I’m still trying to get my head around this one, so bear with me. Natural England, the public body dedicated to conserving and enhancing the natural environment, have recently announced plans to allow members of the public to destroy birds’ nests and eggs at will if they prove a health and safety hazard. I’m sorry? Aside from the example given of nests blocking flue pipes, I’m not sure I quite understand how birds’ nests can be that much of a hazard that they need destroying. Thankfully, the excellent blogger Tom Pride has done a little digging, and revealed the real reason:

‘Last year government ministers chose Andrew Sells –  a Chartered accountant with no experience of ecological or environmental matters – as the new Chair of Natural England. Sells is a venture capitalist and a major Tory party donor – in 2011 for example he donated £111,250 to the Tories. Sells is one of the founders of Linden Homes, a property development business specialising in developing brownfield sites for residential housing. And what is one of the biggest problems facing property developers? Yes, you’ve guessed it – nesting birds.’

So there we are. Profit-driven corruption at its finest. You can read the rest of Tom Pride’s blog here, or you can sign the petition against it here.


Monday 19th May – Short-Haired Bumblebees

Conservationists are hoping a third release of queen bees in Kent will start a self-sufficient population of a species once extinct in Britain. Short-haired bumblebees disappeared in 2000 and were last seen in Dungeness and Romney Marsh. Their extinction was due to the destruction of their flower-rich habitat, and now the wonderful RSPB are working with farmers, landowners and gardeners to re-establish the perfect living conditions. Bumblebees are one of the most important species on earth, being responsible for the pollination of flowers and crops across the world. It is vital that campaigns like these are given sufficient funding and attention, so that we can reverse the damage done by pesticides and help to create a more sustainable future.


Tuesday 20th May – British Public Against Fracking

A survey at Nottingham University has revealed that support for fracking for shale gas in the UK has fallen below 50%. This is the lowest number of supporters since the survey was started in 2012. It seems the anti-fracking protests in Balcombe last August, which successfully halted drilling by Cuadrilla, has helped educate the public about the dangers of fracking. As always, the government has just looked for a short-term solution that will fill their pockets today, rather than investing in sustainable, clean energy sources. We need a government who will listen to what Britons want and find long-term solutions that will create stability in the needs of society.

Whatever you do, just don’t vote UKIP.


2 thoughts on “In the News: 5 Reasons to Vote Green in the European Elections

  1. I can’t believe the Robin & Starlings thing, I’ve signed the petition now and shared it on fb. I live near the Hinkley Point development, so I’m hoping a lot of the disgruntled locals will vote for the Green Party.

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