Welcome to my Campaign!

Hello lovely readers!

As many of you may know, I have been accepted onto a very cool MA English course at University College London. It’s the top university in the country for English and I am so excited to start in September!

The course is a crucial part of my life masterplan, which also involves completing a PhD, writing my own fiction and becoming a freelance illustrator. I am determined to get there with lots of jolly hard work.

The one very, very small problem is that I don’t quite have enough pennies to fund my tuition… The course costs £8,500 full-time and although I am planning on studying part-time, this means I have to find £4,250 before September. What a pickle!

This week I started my own crowdfunding campaign to try and raise the money from all my friends, family, readers and networking contacts. The campaign means that when people kindly donate me some money, they receive little rewards from me as a thank you, like greetings cards, illustrations and blog posts.

So far I have raised £562 which is fabulous! I even received a donation from Hugh Bonneville (aka Downton Abbey’s the Earl of Grantham) – what a lovely man!


I would be so unbelievably grateful to any of my wonderful followers if you could spare a few pennies or pounds. The Arts don’t get much help these days, and after a lot of Googling I found there are no postgraduate funding opportunities available this year.

In exchange I will send you nice greetings cards and personalised wildlife illustrations! Please take a look at my crowdfunding website here and see if anything takes your fancy. You can even pay with PayPal, although a cheque is preferable as the greedy banks pay the fees! If you would like to send a cheque, please email me at tiffany2.francis@gmail.com for my address.

Thank you so much for reading! Here are my first range of greetings cards..!



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