Bristol Vintage Fair

This weekend I visited the glorious Bristol Vintage Fair, dragging my poor boyfriend along with me for the ride. The fair is one of many run by Lou Lou’s Vintage Fairs across the UK – a deliciously colourful feast of all things old and cool.

In honour of the occasion, I wore the new Hearts & Bows Izzi dress I was kindly sent by Ark Clothing. I picked it mainly for the Peter Pan collar (big fan of those), but also for the frisky polka dots that bring a sense of fun to a classic LBD. I teamed it with my trusty ‘I’m an evacuee’ duffle coat and brogues to vintage it up a tad.

Like all hodge-podge fairs, it took a couple of laps to find my bearings. I fell in love with a display of upcycled sweatshirts and almost got my hands on a particularly tasty cardigan before I remembered how poor I was. In the end, however, this did not prevent me from buying the most amazing coffee-pot set from the 1960s. It was called ‘tangerine’ and featured a milk jug, sugar bowl, coffee pot, three cups and four saucers, all painted in a rich orangey red with burnt black edges. I’m a great lover of serving tea out of teapots and that sort of thing, so to find this beautiful, earthy set was just fabulous.

I bought it for £30 and felt guilty for about 20 minutes before I was distracted by a Pieminister pie.









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