Birthday buns and lovely chums..

Yesterday was my birthday and because it was such a fabulous day, I thought I’d share a few little snippets!

I woke up to a huge box of cupcakes, which my boyfriend had brought home from work in the night. He works in a cool hotel and there were loads left after an event, so he reserved a box for me! He is very thoughtful and handsome.


We then proceeded to have a glorious day in Bath, where for the first time in about a month the weather was beautiful! We had a cream tea in Sally Lunn’s Eating House, famous for its delicious buns made with a secret recipe that is passed on with the deeds of the building. Sally Lunn was a French refugee who arrived in Bath 1680, and her buns were extremely popular in Georgian society. My bun was so delicious, I bough another one to take home for a super treat.

We also visited the Royal Crescent and the Jane Austen House Museum, and we had a look inside Bath Abbey which is magnificent.




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A lovely day in Bath was followed by a lovely evening in Bristol. I had all my friends over and we got drunk, which is the best way to spend a birthday! I think I danced in the kitchen for about four solid hours.

I was also treated to some fab presents. I got sausage-dog earrings and an Arctic hare brooch from my sister, and a funky knitting book from my mama. My exotic Lithuanian friend Amber got me a cool book about James Joyce, and Kirsty and Elliot (who I’m moving to London with) baked me a tea cake loaf! I was also grateful to Hannah for my bottle of ‘bubbles’, which certainly did not last long.

Thanks to all my pals who came and celebrated with me! It was a super weekend.



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11 thoughts on “Birthday buns and lovely chums..

  1. Hi I wanted to say that you for following me and it sound like you had loads of fun. Those cupcakes look so cute and the buns yummy .I love the weiner dog earrings. I have a real one .He’s mommys baby. Spoiled rotten he he. I like the memoir of Charles Dickens .He’s one of my favorite Writers. Good luck on moving to London. and Happy belated birthday:)

      1. You are welcome. I always thought that’s what they call them besides hot dog s:) or dashhounds (sorry spelled wrong can’t remember how to spell it) Take care

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