Ahoy there, 2014!

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means today is 2013 and tomorrow is 2014. This is my 100th post!

I had a really really lovely Christmas with some delicious presents! Particular favourites included Paul Hollywood’s Bread book, a toastie maker and a book of literary cocktails (Tequila Mockingbird). More importantly, this Christmas wasn’t ruined by a traumatic and miserable death in Downton. Carson and Mrs Hughes at the end brought a tear of festive joy to my eye. Doctor Who was too average to discuss further, although I am jolly excited for what Capaldi will bring to ze table.

Here is a tiny montage from my instagram!

Screenshot from 2013-12-31 02:06:13

I’ve had a very pleasant 2013! I graduated with a first class degree and became a proper adult with a job (it’s a very nice job, but I’m afraid I would still rather not work). I reached 1,000 followers on my blog, 500 on Twitter and 20,000 views! I also had tea at the Ritz, attended the BAFTAs, rode horses in Poland and obtained a very handsome Welsh boyfriend with muscular arms.

Sadly I also lost my beautiful dog Murphy, who died at the very ripe age of 16! He certainly had a good run but I miss him very much. Here he is dressed as the statue of liberty:

iPhone 736

Next year I am visiting Norway, directing a production of Ibsen’s The Wild Duck in Bristol, and attempting to sell my illustrations as prints and cards!

More importantly however, I am very excited to announce that I’m moving to London in the summer as I have been offered a place at University College London to study for my Masters in English Literature! I will be very sad to leave Bristol, but I am so excited to carry on studying and to move to the big smoke! I am now embarking on a magical quest to fundraise my tuition fees before September… I will obviously be applying for all the usual grants, but it is just so difficult to get funding in this way that I am determined to be more proactive and try to raise it myself. I’ll update you on my efforts over the next few months, but if you happen to know any affluent, kind people with an interest in the arts, PLEASE persuade them to donate their loose change to me 🙂

As for the usual New Years resolutions, I am starting pilates to help my posture and back, and I am determined to stop biting my nails. They are simply awful.

I am also attempting to tackle a new challenge for 2014: THE ULYSSES CHALLENGE! I’ve been checking out my reading list for September and there is a high probability I will have to bite the bullet and read James Joyce’s infamous work of modernist fiction Ulysses, a book I hoped I could live the rest of my life without reading. It’s about 750 pages long and large parts of it don’t have punctuation. I know I will find this a real slog so I thought I’d exaggerate it in my head to motivate myself, hence THE ULYSSES CHALLENGE. Please wish me all the luck you have spare.


Lastly, I have made a resolution that I hope will last for many years to come. I was recently sent a very kind gift from Lush, a company famous for their ethical production of cosmetics and fight against animal testing. They’ve just published a book all about the history of the company and its values! It’s a great read, and made me realise that I need to think so much more about which cosmetics I’m using. Aside from the fact that I have no idea what I’m really doing to my body, companies like Lush are 100% against animal testing and cruelty, something that is often but not always overlooked in the media. I recently read about the use of angora rabbit wool in Topshop and other high street stores and although I don’t earn that much, I can certainly afford to buy products that are ethically conscious and not harmful to my body!

So in 2014 I will slowly be replacing my cosmetic range with products from brands that are against animal cruelty and use natural ingredients. I hope this doesn’t make me sound self-righteous.. I just really like animals and everything in Lush and the Body Shop smells like you want to eat it..

photo (53)

Thanks to all you readers who follow my silly blog! One day when I’m rich, I’ll make personalised biscuits for all of you and send them in the post. Until then, I hope you have a funky 2014 and enjoy all the nice things that will come your way!


7 thoughts on “Ahoy there, 2014!

  1. What a lovely new year’s resolution! I don’t think it’s the least bit self-righteous to want to be more aware and intentional about the impact we have on the world around us. And your other plans sound very exciting (except the Ulysses thing — I feel the same way about it, so I’m sending you luck for that). May you be peaceful and productive (and let’s not forget happy!) in the new year!

  2. Congratulations on what you’ve achieved this year and good luck with your future plans. With your drive I’m looking forward to receiving those cookies very soon…

  3. Hi Tiffany…. I just love your blog site… Is this a website too with Word Press.? As I just started blogging about life in Australia… and wish to follow your Blog too. But love the design you have. Looking forward to hearing from you….Bella Love 000

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