Christmas Love + Giveaway!

So far this festive season, I have replaced several meals with iced mince pies and bought the most ridiculously Christmassy red tartan dress I could find on the internet. Now it is December 1st, I can finally listen to Christmas songs guilt-free and start watching those films. My first stop shall be The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, followed swiftly by Polar Express and Love Actually


In celebration of Christmas time, I am offering a lovely giveaway to win two wooden heart decorations designed by Gisela Graham. They are very rustic and pretty, and would look fab in anybody’s house this December… They were kindly offered to me by Serene Hearts, who I have worked with before. They make very pleasant homeware and gifts, and I chose these decorations myself. Lovely!

To enter, just click the link below to go to Rafflecopter, who are still so technologically behind that they won’t let me embed the widget onto my blog post.. Never mind. Silly fools. The giveaway will end in two weeks on the evening of Sunday 15th December. It is also open to international people!

The competition is now closed. Thanks for entering and congratulations to the winner!

Merry December! Please enjoy a festive song from the Muppets:


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