I won a competition!

Hooray! I was recently informed that I’d won a competition with the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival. On the evening of Tuesday 26th November, I will be joining a panel of experts at the Watershed for a discussion on Jane Austen’s magnificent Pride and Prejudice, before a screening of the latest film. Apparently I am the biggest young Jane Austen fan, so I’m jolly pleased!

The festival brings together the country’s best women writers, academics and feminist commentators, and was set up with three objectives:

– To celebrate the diversity and creativity of women writers
– To counter the male dominance of literature and cultural festival line-ups
– To promote women’s writing and literary history

In March I attended a fantastic panel discussion called ‘Bluestockings and Muses: A History of Women’s Writing’, and one of my own lecturers was a guest speaker. It really is a fab event set up by a cool lady who has recently published her own children’s book, Greta and Boris: A Daring Rescue. You can also read her blog here, where she writes about feminism, politics and stories.

If you want to see me chatting away about Austen with a few clever women, come along! You can have a look at the other speakers and find more information here.



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