Riding Horses in Kraków

A few weeks ago, I returned from a glorious trip to Kraków in Poland with some friends from my riding club. The country was fascinating, the horses beautiful, the pigeons sacred and the vodka cheap.

We spent a short time in the city centre, and hired an apartment for one night so we could enjoy the raucous nightlife. We discovered they drink beer with fruit cordial, which was bizarre but delightful! I also ate a kebab, which was not so delightful.

The pigeons in Poland are sacred, so we bought many pretzels to feed them with. They were loving life. The architecture was old and beautiful, and the food was strange but delicious. The people were interesting… If you knew them and everything was good, they were lovely! But most people were very rude if you didn’t know them. Old people on buses shouted at us often.

We spent most of the holiday in the beautiful Polish countryside, at a riding school called Podskalany, which was wonderful! We went on hacks through forests and fields, and we had a lesson in vaulting and horse gymnastics. We climbed up and stood on the horses’ backs, which was terrifying but glorious.

Many of the horses at the school were a breed called Polish Noble Half-Bloods, and tended to be tall and narrow. My horse was called Bartek, and he was such a babe.

I learnt many cool Polish words, although most of the time I either just said ‘Hello!’ or ‘I don’t speak Polish’.

Cześć Hello!
Dziękuję – Thank you
Przepraszam – Sorry
Nie mówie po polsku – I don’t speak Polish!
Stęmp Walk
Kłus – Trot
Galop – Canter



3 thoughts on “Riding Horses in Kraków

  1. Lovely photos all, but the picture of the pigeon is my favorite — it looks as though it is about to speak! Nevertheless, the idea of pigeons being sacred is a little mind-boggling…

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