Blogger of the Month! July 2013

July’s Blogger of the Month is my very own stepsister Christie HJ, a beautiful, innovative and exciting illustrator based in Brighton. I decided to choose her because she has just completed her degree, and her blog is therefore brimming with work from her portfolio!

Her work so far has covered shadow puppetry, collage, sculpture, painting and drawing. She is now going to broaden her range by taking short courses around theatre and costume design, and I personally think she will do excellently.

Here she is, along with my favourite pieces of her work. Please leave a comment and let me/her know what you think!

A Personal illustration using black fineliner

Silhouette puppets used for an animation based on the word TRANSFER. The theme is based on the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Editorial collage project

All images belong to Christie HJ, except the first which belongs to Beckie Cove.


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