Blogger of the Month! June 2013

I am very pleased to reveal that my ‘Blogger of the Month’ for June is my good pal Charlotte, who is a marine and natural history photographer! We have been friends for many years, and although it looks awfully suspicious that I have chosen her, I have a very good reason..

This week saw the start of BBC Springwatch, an annual series of which I have always been an avid fan. This year, Springwatch also marks the beginning of the BBC’s Summer of Wildlife, a collection of programmes and events dedicated to reviving the public interest in British wildlife. I will be blogging regularly about this subject over the next few weeks, but this June I thought I might salute Britain’s glorious wildlife, and exhibit Charlotte’s beautiful photography.

After completing A-Levels and a foundation course in Art and Photography, Charlotte has gone on to study Marine & Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. I think her work is fabulous!

She has just returned from a trip to the Outer Hebrides, and you can find all her work on her blog HERE. If you’d like to contact her for work or praise, you can also tweet her HERE.

Here are my favourite photographs from her portfolio:








All photos © Charlotte Sams, except the last one which is by Jennifer Peabody.


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