Blogger of the Month! May 2013

I have now embarked upon a new journey in my blog, which I hope will mean I can be even more involved in blogging communities. I have started a Blogger of the Month feature! I’ve found so many cool blogs over the last few months, and I wanted to celebrate my favourite ones.

My first Blogger of the Month for May 2013 is Miss Imogen Smith, who is a craft, illustration and lifestyle blogger. She is a Graphic Design student from Shropshire, and her blog is full of vintage fashion, lovely illustrations and photography of her life. I particularly like the look of her pony Benji. (That sounds like I’m going to steal it. I’m not.) She’s currently making a patchwork cushion, and updating her blog as she goes along with her progress. It’s jolly good.

She also has a shop, where she sells her own illustrated stationery. Lovely stuff.

Miss Imogen Smith: Craft, Illustration and Lifestyle

Please take a look at her blog at
Follow her on Twitter atΒ
Or, follow her on Bloglovin atΒ

I literally love her blog, and I recommend it to anyone! Here is one of her wonderful illustrations:

Β© All images copyright

If you’d like to be featured as June 2013’s Blogger of the Month, I’d love you to send me your blog links! Whether you’re a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger, or even interested in politics, literature or culture, I’ll always have a read of what you have to say. My only condition is that you’re not an angry, miserable blogger who hates the world. That’s just dull.


9 thoughts on “Blogger of the Month! May 2013

  1. Oh wow! Tiffany this is amazing! What a lovely post to wake up to this morning, it put a huge smile on my face so thank you! xx

    (in reply to top comment- The kitchen is my gran’s! And the dress is Modcloth from TK Maxx πŸ™‚ )

  2. This is such a great idea! I have a real hard time finding decent blogs to follow because for every worthwhile site there are about 100 poor ones filled with fluff and unoriginal content. I look forward to seeing your next recommendations. πŸ™‚

    Obviously I would love to featured myself at some point, but I think I fall into the miserable arsehole category. πŸ˜‰

    Emily x

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