Joules Spring Wishlist

I’ve just received my last student loan payment (ever!), and with it I have now paid off my overdraft, holiday payments and all my little debts to friends. I’m free!

It has, however, left me incredibly poor, so I must be content with windowshopping for now. I’ve just discovered the Joules Spring/Summer collection, and absolutely fallen in love with these pieces. I don’t buy much from Joules because I can’t really afford it on a student budget, but I use it as inspiration. I love country attire and British heritage fashion, and I always look to the Joules equestrian range when I’m thinking about high-quality, durable clothing for riding.

My favourite is the Toad Green Austine Tweed Jacket, which I would kill or maim to own.

Joules Mood

All items found at


8 thoughts on “Joules Spring Wishlist

  1. I love the blazer and the rugby shirt. I have never heard of this brand before but I will be shopping there. It has lovely clothes. X

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