Giveaway! Inspired by Marilyn Monroe…

Welcome to my first giveaway!

I have loved Marilyn Monroe for many years, and this giveaway is inspired by some of her most captivating photographic portraits. I have chosen these items because they are something I would love, and because I think they embody the beauty, femininity and merriment of Marilyn’s iconic photographs:







Lip Colour in Carver by Stila
Stila has never failed me. This lipstick is one of my favourite shades and lasts for hours. Bound to get you noticed..

Hand Printed Bicycle Letterpress Notecards by Little Red Press
These beautiful cards were hand printed by Little Red Pressan etsy shop that I have fallen in love with. I make a special effort to write letters instead of emails – there is nothing better than receiving something in the post that isn’t takeaway vouchers.

Ten Poems about Tea by Candlestick Press
I love anything to do with Sophie Dahl, and this wonderful little book features her own introduction. These poems have been collected by Candlestick Presswho make poetry books for small gifts.

I hope you like this little collection, and it makes this dreadful, rainy Spring slightly jollier. I’m afraid I can’t ship to international bloggers, but this giveaway is open to all UK bloggers! The winner will be announced on the 15th May, because that is my last exam and I will be feeling fabulously finished with my degree. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, I will pick a new one.

Please click on the link below. Unfortunately WordPress is not compatible with Rafflecopter, but it will work if you click the link. If you don’t have a Rafflecopter account, I recommend signing up FREE as it is used on lots of other blogs and giveaways.

Good luck! Click here to enter: Marilyn Monroe Giveaway on Rafflecopter!


13 thoughts on “Giveaway! Inspired by Marilyn Monroe…

  1. I totally just made an oops & entered…my bad for forgetting to read your rules 😦 Please just delete all entries under the name Kellybee! (: It’s a lovely giveaway!!

  2. I entered! Thanks so much for this giveaway!! With my blonde, curly hair I’ve always been a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. 🙂 Blessings to you!

  3. I forgot to add my favorite thing! UGH! It’s definitely: Hand Printed Bicycle Letterpress Notecards by Little Red Press. They’re absolutely adorable! xx

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