Review: Not On The High Street

I have always loved Not on the High Street, so when they asked me to review their delicious products I was rather pleased! They sell a variety of handmade, unique and customised products that simply aren’t available in your everyday high street shop. Here are the products I chose!

IMG_1698As the products came from individual sellers, each one was hand-wrapped in a different way. This is why they make great presents…

IMG_1700Checked Wool Blanket by Delightful Living £22

I chose this recycled wool throw because I am a student, and I cannot afford much central heating. I often do work very late in the evening, and sitting down for hours in the cold is not pleasant. I was really pleased with this throw, because it uses recycled wool and I like the environment! This also means that each one is unique, because it is woven using completely random colours.

IMG_1716Rabbit and Cabbage Notebook by Thornback & Peel £4.50

I love writing, so obviously I chose a notebook. I have always liked Thornback & Peel for their rustic designs, so I picked up this little book to jot down ideas. They hand print all their stationery, which is rather cool.

IMG_1730Hangover Rescue Balm and Exam/Interview Rescue Balm by Apply Me £4.95 per pot

I’ve always preferred natural cosmetics, ever since my housemate pointed out that my Superdrug shower gel was the same colour as a highlighter. I found this Revive Me! range, and chose the Hangover and Exam/Interview pots, both of which I thought were rather appropriate for a student nearing gloomy graduation. They smell lovely, and are very refreshing.

IMG_1738Wild in the Country Mug by Graduate Collection £10

I chose this mug because I love tea, and I love collecting mugs so I can drink more tea. Good logic, yes? You can choose from rabbits, squirrels, waterfowl or badgers, all of which are painted in this lovely watercolour style. I chose the badgers because I am rather passionate about the badger culling problem at the moment (I believe in vaccinations, not culling), and because I was studying The Wind in the Willows at the time. The best thing about it is the size. It’s just slightly fatter than a normal mug, so you can fill it with more tea! Hooray!

You can find Not On The High Street here:

* These items were kindly gifted to me, but this does not affect the honesty of my review.


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