Aztec-Print Frivolity

Recently I purchased a naughty treat from ASOS.

ASOS is my best friend and my deadly foe. Countless hours I have wasted, scrolling through items I do not need, dreadfully aware that I already have four very similar denim shirts, and a fifth would be absurd. Then, just as I feel strong enough to pull away, they’ll hit me with the 25% student discount – 48 hours only!, and I’m doomed. Away float my dissertation plans like a friendless balloon.

But let’s not dwell on the past. Recently I purchased a naughty treat from ASOS:


It’s hardly a choice for the Oscars, but I love it. Faded black cotton, Aztec print front and sleeves. £20. It’s perfect for my current lifestyle, which mainly involves crawling from lectures to editorial meetings to rehearsals.

Today, I wore it to a very long rehearsal for the play I’m in: Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest. These rehearsals require comfortable attire, and so I teamed this tee with black leggings (the only thing I ever wear) and converse. I felt pretty cool, but later on when I was running back from filling up my water bottle, I realised I looked like an enthusiastic jogger from the 80s. Such is life.



One thought on “Aztec-Print Frivolity

  1. Good for you! A girl deserves a treat from time to time. You’re not harming anyone else and t won’t make you fat! And good luck with Oscar Wilde. TIOBE is one of my favourite plays.

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