Tea at the Ritz!

In celebration of my 21st birthday, we visited London to have tea at The Ritz! How jolly!

It was sumptuous. We were presented with silver teapots, sandwiches-on-tap, small cakes, big cakes, scones, clotted cream, jam, and a wonderful selection of loose-leaf teas. I chose ‘Rose Congou’, described as ‘a black tea from Guangdong, China, enriched with rose petals giving a gentle, light rose aroma’. A pianist accompanied us as we devoured our cakes in the Palm Court, and upon our request, they played ‘Colours of the Wind’ from Pocahontas. The whole thing was glorious, and most of the waiters were French.

We then trundled over to Fortnum & Mason, famous for their connections with Buckingham Palace. I felt like I was in The Paradise, and I simply had to buy some tea. I decided to purchase ‘Empire Blend Tea’, because it had an elephant on it. They also had many good cheeses, and when I am rich I will return and buy everything.

Finally, we visited the V&A Museum in South Kensington. There were exhibits on theatrical costume, diamonds and vintage teapots. One excellent exhibition was called ‘Light from the Middle East‘, and featured a series of photographs by various artists on the subject of the Middle East. My favourite was Halabche by Abbas Kowsari, an image of a Kurdish combatant wearing a Bryan Adams shirt. According to the sign, ‘the contrast reinforces the incongruity between warfare in Iraq and western pop culture’.

I also bought some rather good postcards.

photo (17)

photo (22)

photo (21)


photo (16)


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