Treasures from my room (until I get money)

I have not updated my blog for over a month now. The truth is, I have no money. And when I say no money, I mean I have -£1,249.87 out of a £1,250 overdraft.
So VERY LARGE apologies to my many, many thousands (?) of fans out there for my lack of activity. I have not bought anything, been anywhere or worn anything new and exciting for many weeks, and so I have neglected my blog like a cruel mother hen.
Due to my lack of funds (open to donations), and as I have not purchased anything new, I will show you some old treasures from my collection of things…
A jolly postcard from a pal:
Isn’t it jolly?


A naughty mug:
Stolen from a bagel house in Edinburgh, in which lots of Harry Potter was written. I had chorizo, mozzarella and pesto.


Charity shop tea-tray:
Contributed beautifully to my poverty, but a bargain nevertheless. Hakuna matata.


Moon-gazing hare:
A Pagan fertility symbol. A personal warning rather than a lucky charm. Children are awful.



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