Spotlight on the Fringe: Yve Blake

After the delights and delirium of a goliath Megabus trip, we finally arrived in Edinburgh today for the Fringe Festival! Here we are having a jolly time in Starbucks:


I’m travelling with the legendary UWE Drama Society (of which I have somehow become Treasurer), as we are performing a play this week in the Free Sisters venue (272). It is called Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp, but I shall discuss that another day.

Today, we popped along to a one-woman show by a 19-year-old Australian girl, named Yve Blake (photo courtesy of Tharunka). We only went because the title was amusing – Am I Good Friend? – and because in our dreadful state of maniacal sleep deprivation, we simply rambled drunkenly to the first thing we found.



Well, it was excellent. The show was based around a ‘scientific experiment’, to determine how to be a good friend based on ‘life data’. Through a cacophony of jovial chattering, highly entertaining video clips, and excellent audience interaction, Blake provided a superbly confident performance that was heart-warming, moving and very funny.

To our astonishment, it was her first ever theatrical creation, and we were all rather impressed that she had managed to achieve such a huge dream of hers in performing at the Fringe, despite her being only 19. For anyone reading this in Edinburgh, Yve’s show is running 22-25th August, at 14.35 in The Cabaret Voltaire.

And now I really must get some sleep. I’ve eaten a fair amount of dark chocolate with sea-salt (oh my yum!), and the bunk bed looks very tempting…


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