Horses, pearls & Virginia Woolf

Here is my week in one picture:


1. Team GB

Oh, haven’t the Olympics been glorious? This is the first year I’ve actually been interested, being as I generally prefer raspberry torte to running and sport. But after that wonderful opening ceremony I was seduced, and have consequently been spending even more time watching the telly and eating cake. I have started this collection of pencil sketches, depicting all the horses from the Team GB equestrian bunch. I thought it would make a lovely souvenir.

2. The Selected Diaries of Virginia Woolf

I’ve been desperately trying to crunch my way through next year’s reading list and I am about half way through, although I cry often. To give myself a ‘break’, I thought I’d read this handsome little volume I bought a year ago, published by Vintage Classics. It’s actually jolly good reading, and so far I’ve discovered that her opinion of Katherine Mansfield was that:

‘She stinks like a – well civet cat that had taken to street walking. In truth I’m a little shocked by her commonness at first sight’

3. Antique pearls

I became rather obsessive over wartime Britain after reading Woolf, so I went into Dragon Treasures, which is a sumptuous antique shop near my house, and spent about 25 minutes looking through boxes of old postcards and war medals. I had almost managed to convince myself to buy an hourglass with a hedgehog on it (?) when I found these perfect little pearls for £3. I’m returning tomorrow to buy a B*Witched postcard, and unfortunately probably the hourglass.

4. Funky-time tops

I popped along to New Look to see the sale, as it is the only ‘youthful’ clothing shop in the snug little market town I live in. I found a stripy bandeau, a luminous crop-top and a lovely cream shirt-top thing. Hooray!


9 thoughts on “Horses, pearls & Virginia Woolf

  1. You are actually half way through the reading list!! You’re so organised, I haven’t even made a dent on it yet, I’m doomed! What modules are you taking next year? xxx

      1. Children’s fantasy fiction, gothic and gender and sexuality! I’m still waiting on my books! 😦 And I also have no money, so maybe I should be doing some reading now for entertainment! Haha. xxxx

  2. I don’t know which are lovelier: the sketches or the pearls. And the idea of reading from Virginia Woolf’s diaries as a break from more tedious tasks is delightful — thanks for the inspiration!

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