F is for Fashion Swaparoo

I’ve always loved the idea of swapshops, and I have just discovered the sumptuous Cox & Baloney in Bristol host a Swaparoo every month!

If you aren’t a native Bristolian, or one of the many students loitering around Gloucester Road (good for us!), here is a brief description of Cox & Baloney, from an article I wrote in the Western Eye newspaper:

Yes, so every month this wonderful boutique and tea-room holds a swaparoo! This month’s is next Tuesday, 1st May.

I am certainly going. If you would like to go, all you need to do is find up to 7 items of good-quality clothing that you no longer want, and take them into C&B this week before Friday. They will give you little tokens that represent different values, and then next Tuesday, simply pay £5 entrance fee, and then use these tokens to shop till you need tea, and then they give you some. And cake. There is no excuse not to go!

Anyway, I can’t quite express how divine this shop is. So I’ve been naughty and borrowed some photos from their website. Hope to see you there!


13 thoughts on “F is for Fashion Swaparoo

  1. Hey just found your blog, its great its a little different from what I normally read but im loving it. Also want to say you have an awesome background.
    I wish there was a shop that would do a swaparoo near me, ive heard alot of talk about them.
    Great blogging

    peek at mine theheadlessstylist.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I’m really glad you like it! I always find it hard trying to describe to people what it’s about – bit of a mix and match. And thankyou! I think it’s William Morris but don’t quote me on that… haha I LOVED your blog, I’ve put it on my ‘Delicious Blogs’ list on the right hand side, because it’s just my cup of tea 🙂

  2. Hi! I found you via my group on IFB :)!

    I’ve never actually been to a swapshop before, but it sounds like a really cool idea! I live in London, so I’m assuming there must be some around here somewhere?! This post has definitely made me want to look into it! I hope if I find one, they offer tea and cake like this one 🙂

    I’d love it if you could check out my blog too, and if you like it, follow me! I follow back 🙂


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