E is for Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day, a day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment!

I’m rather into all this eco-friendly living, so here is a selection of the different ways people are celebrating Earth Day…

The Prettiest Chicken Contest

Full Circle Farm in California is hosting the Prettiest Chicken Contest for those who choose to keep chickens as a cheap, sustainable way to have fresh eggs every day. It is part of their annual Earth Day Fair, and the chickens are judged on the vivacity of their plumage, richness of colour, and general prettiness.

I literally love this.



Free Tea or Coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks are promoting the use of reusable mugs, by offering a free hot drink for each customer that brings in their own mug or cup! Not only this, but they are selling their own travel mugs at 20% off on Earth Day itself. How super!

So if you tend to buy a fresh cup of coffee every morning before work, buy a reusable travel mug – it’s environmentally-friendly, leaves no rubbish, and is really an awful lot nicer to handle than a flimsy cardboard cup. Lovely.


H&M’s Conscious* Collection

H&M is actually the biggest user of organic cotton in the world, and has released a collection of sumptuous clothing made from organic cotton, organic hemp and recycled polyester.

“We really want to make more sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to more and more people around the world” (Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design)

Michelle Williams, Kristin Davis and Amanda Seyfried have all adorned items from the collection on the red carpet, demonstrating that sustainable fashion is not only acceptable but desirable.

I’m a particular fan of the pastel and neutral pieces. Lovely!





3 thoughts on “E is for Earth Day

  1. Thanks for liking my post about Earth Day! Despite my anti-consumist rant, I am totally getting a free chai latte at Starbucks tomorrow. In terms of celebrations, I think the chicken thing is adorable and perfect. Unrelatedly, I like your “tea revives you” poster up on the banner – I don’t like Guiness, so that’s a perfect thing for me.

  2. Good for you, celebrating Earth Day. I recycle everything but the kitchen sink! Loved the coffee mention. I wonder if Starbuck’s is doing that here?

    You write a fun blog.


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