C is for Continuous Capital

I decided to focus on some philanthropy for this entry! At first I thought of just Charity, but then I thought I’d hone in on a very new charity based in this lovely city of Bristol.

Continuous Capital is a charity that invests in projects which help to alleviate poverty in a sustainable way. This includes healthcare, environmental welfare, education and empowerment.


It was founded by two UWE Business students, and I thought I’d have a little chat with one of them, Alex Walls, to ask him a bit more about what they stand for. We had a lovely cup of tea.

If you missed that last bit, the song went something like this: Charity is really great, It is good for the world, Come on down and join in the fun, Please don’t get irate. Excellent rhyming. So really, if you haven’t already Liked or Followed, then I’m fairly sure this song will have persuaded you.

Continuous Capital Blog
Continuous Capital Twitter
Continuous Capital Facebook


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