B is for Bookspine Poetry

I found this idea on a very cool blog, Wine, Women & Wordplay!

It is a form of poetry for those who aren’t over-keen on writing poetry but like to dabble, and it’s jolly fun! In fact, I am supposed to be packing my things to return to uni this afternoon, but I’ve spent the last hour gallivanting about the house in search of books.

All you have to do is seek out interesting book-titles, and arrange a pile of books so that it reads as a poem. So here are my concoctions – have fun!






6 thoughts on “B is for Bookspine Poetry

  1. Some great examples there! I especially liked the Poirot one! It’s addictive isn’t it. Ah the power of the internet… Nearly made you late for uni, from the other side of the world. My work here is done, I think. 😉 Thanks for the mention!

  2. This type of found poetry is so much fun! I like the physical and visual component of using actual books to compose the poem. I used to do this sort of thing with Publisher’s Weekly — a new set of titles to work with every week!

  3. Judging by those, Agatha Christie lends herself very well to bookspine poetry – the two best poems both have her titles involved. The also have great punchlines, always a plus.

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