Time Capsule April 2012

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With all the latest historical interest in the Titanic anniversary and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, combined with my lovely visit home for the Easter to see my glorious friends and family, I have been feeling rather nostalgic and lucky to have such a jolly good life. Obviously, I’m hoping to maintain this throughout my life, but I thought it would be nice to try and capture this golden point and preserve it. And what better way to preserve it than to video it?

So I am sitting here in my boyfriend’s red rugby shirt with a hot cup of tea, having just spent the weekend in Bristol with my sisters and friends, getting jolly sloshed and having a wonderful time. On Saturday night I was walking down Gloucester Road with a piece of hot chicken, fairly giddy from wine-consumption, and looking in at the bars on the way home. There was a visual cacophony of scantily-dressed wenches rolling along the pavements in tottering heels, and baseball-capped yobbos smoking behind the bins in the rain.

Now don’t you mistake me, I thoroughly enjoy getting wonderfully intoxicated with my pals. A nice bottle of Sainsbury’s own-brand Soave and a bag of skittles is my favourite way to start a very slurred evening. But as we were walking home and watching these undignified hooligans, I couldn’t help thinking how good my sober life is in comparison. All I was looking forward to was getting into bed with a cup of tea and watching American Dad with the boyf. Oh, he has a blog by the way, and it’s jolly good: Wallsy Out.

So the other day while my best friends were round, I decided to make a Time Capsule video, to capture us in our 20-year-old youth. As an experiment, we each discussed where we would like to be in 5 years time. It was meant to be a lot shorter, more serious, and more informative. But then I realised that isn’t a very accurate representative of my friends.

So here you go, this is our Time Capsule video of April 2012, to be reviewed in 5 years.


5 thoughts on “Time Capsule April 2012

  1. I feel like I shared a very intimate moment. However, I have been know to miss the point at times 😉 Fun, natural, the occational cock-up: a true reflection of life in general.

  2. I thought your writing was endearing showing a lot of personality. If we met I I’m very sure we would get on. I do enjoy been intoxicated too, in fact I am now and its a sunday night. I’m sorry but I can’t watch the video now because my flat mates are watching David Attenborough but I can tell you that in 5 years time I would simply like to be fulfilling my potential. I’ll also have a quick look at your boyfriends blog.

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