England, brogues, and my discontent with Middlemarch…

I’ve just seen this advert on TV, and it’s jolly well excited me for the summer ahead. I’m far too poor to travel abroad this year, but this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Well, obviously I would rather have a nice, fat fortune that I can spend on National Trust memberships and various cakes. What I mean is, I am just as happy gallivanting across the woods, fields and beaches of England, as overheating in the sun-swamped deserts of the outside world.

In preparation for a summer of exploring and blogging about my English travels, I’ve been ever so naughty and bought an iPad. This blog entry is really the first useful thing I’ve done on it. For the past 24 hours I’ve basically just been warping faces on Photo Booth:




To kickstart my summer further, mama and I went shopping in Guildford this afternoon. I was ever so scandalous, as I bought new shoes and TWO period-drama adaptations to add my overflowing collection. Seriously now, I don’t think I watch anything other than adaptations, and Mitchell & Webb.

I bought Middlemarch, because I have an exam on it in a month. Why not just read it, you ask? Surely, as an English Literature student, you must adore all forms of the written word? Oh yes, I do. Except Middlemarch. I haven’t really admitted this to my course mates,
because I meekly don’t want them to think I’m ignorant.

Well here is my confession: I just think its terrible. I never want to read it again. Or I should say, once I’ve finished it, I never want to read it again. I know it sounds awful, because it’s meant to enrich character, and demonstrate the ‘web of society’, but come on now. She could have at least tried with the plot.

Well I’ve now depressed myself by thinking about that hideous novel. So here are the shoes I bought.

Office £35




2 thoughts on “England, brogues, and my discontent with Middlemarch…

  1. After bringing up Middlemarch (shudder) thank goodness you trotted out the shoes. Saved the post!

    I predict you’ll be glad for the iPad during your travels. We bought one before our recent excursion across the pond, and the entire family fought over it the whole time. Enjoy!

  2. heya popped over to say thanks for the blog like, and felt I had to comment on the shoes, i love them with feet in but when i see them sitting on the shelf all empty they look so ugly. dont think im ever going to be able to buy some 😦

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