Bristol Fashion Week 2012

I have just made a well-deserved cup of tea, after a rather lovely and tiring day at Cribbs Causeway for Bristol Fashion Week 2012! 

Upon arriving, I headed not for the BFW Pavilion to get my blog pass, but to WHSmith to immediately stock up on Skips and Ribena.  I knew I couldn’t make it through the day without these vital accessories.

I then proceeded to make my way through the shops in search of some clothing treasure.  My blog pass gave me permission to photograph inside the mall, so that I could post about anything fashionable I might stumble upon before the main show.  Here are my favourite finds:

London Earrings Pack – Republic – £5


Soul Cal Deluxe Bandeau selection – Republic – £8


While I was shuffling through the shops, I fortunately happened to find a fellow blogger who I befriended.  Her name is Sophie, and she’s LOVELY.

Read her blog here!

So we eventually hopped along to the BFW live blogging show, only to be greeted by a champagne reception and an entire table scattered with fondant fancies.  A part of me didn’t want to leave the foyer, as I prefer cake to fashion.


However, the show was fantastic.  It was hosted by celebrity stylist Mark Heyes and fabulous hair stylist Andrew Barton.  The themes were really creative, and the clothes were sumptuous!  My favourites included the 1920s theme from M&S, with some beautiful faded pastels and Great-Gatsby-esque skirts.  I also loved the 50s-style womenswear from Jigsaw, which were accurately described as near-perfect Chanel rip-offs!



Marks & Spencer






Finale (Various Retailers)


In conclusion, it was a rather glorious day.  Although I fear the highlight was my visit to John Lewis, where I spent around 25 minutes gazing longingly at the Royal Jubilee crockery display.

Sometimes I fear my shenanigans are getting too wild.


After the show, we hurried off to get a free Indian head massage.  It was quite possibly one of the nicest experiences of my life. Here’s me and Sophie having a lovely time.  Thank you to her for taking the top two!  She has a very cool camera.

Must be off.  The boyfriend has left his Grooveshark logged in, and I’m streaming Busted songs to his Facebook page.  Yes, I’m aware of the quality of my Friday nights.


14 thoughts on “Bristol Fashion Week 2012

    1. aaaaaaaaaaah thanksssss! I’m pretty sure your blog inspired me to blog myself so give yourself a pat on the back for that! haha 🙂 I will most definitely put your blog on a blog roll when I discover how to do so 😛 xxxxx

  1. hey! hope you had a good time too! then men were so dreamy! i love those republic bandeaus! i think im gonna enture in there tomorrow! i dont ususally like it ther ebut you have inpsired me

  2. This was such a fun post to read! I live in the U.S. but always love experiencing a bit of England. The pictures are great! The food one, yum. 🙂 Cool clothes! Lucky you. It looked like a fun time.

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