Terramundi, Beauty and the Beast, and Cressps…

In order to combat my student money problems, I have bought a Terramundi!

It is a handmade, Italian pot that has a hole to put your monies in, but you can’t get it out again unless you smash it! And you can’t smash it until it’s full. Luckily, I’m very superstitious, so I will definitely not be smashing it early… It came with a little card to write your dreams on it, and there is already a ‘lucky coin’ inside!

I was rather naughty and shook it for a while until the lucky coin was over the money hole, and I caught a glimpse, but then I felt awful and shook it away again.

I’m going to Karaoke with UWE Drama Soc tonight, which really will be rather lovely. Whilst brainstorming Disney songs I could perform (I know what people need), I found something on the internet that darkened my once rose-tinted love of Beauty and the Beast.

Belle gets captured and locked in the castle of a Beast. This Beast is a little bit mean, let’s be honest. Doesn’t let her leave, makes her wear yellow dresses, all that jazz. Yet our Belle, instead of flailing in a pit of despair, starts to become a little bit attached to this monster.

What can we conclude?

Belle has Stockholm Syndrome.

I bet Beast couldn’t believe his luck…

Oh, it was my birthday recently, and look what my lovely housemate made me! He melted down normal chocolate and put it in ice-cube trays, and he also made chocolate truffles! I’m rather pleased.

Here’s something I watch about 7- 8 times a day:


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