Birds, Fallow Deer and Laura Marling…

I made my own fat balls for the birds this Autumn, and hung them on the washing line in our garden! We’ve had an awful lot of interest, mainly great tits, blue tits, blackbirds and robins. We had a magpie once, but I swatted it away as they bully smaller birds and our cats. It’s very important to feed birds in the winter: people tend to think they all migrate, but lots of common garden birds don’t, and need looking after.

So, here is how I made my fat balls! They are very easy to make, and will help keep lots of birds in the garden:

You will need:

  • A block of lard, baking fat or margarine
  • Bird seed mixture
  • Various nuts and raisins
  • Salt

All you do is melt the lard in a pan on a low heat, until it is liquidated, and then pour in the seeds, nuts and raisins. Then mix in a tablespoon of salt. Mix everything very well in the pan, and then pour the seedy fatty liquid into mugs. Leave in the fridge overnight, and then the next day simply scoop out with a spoon, mould into balls, and hang them outside. Lovely!

Today I went to Ashton Court park, which is basically a mansion in Bristol that is surrounded by a country park, full of deer. If you’re in Bris, you should go, as it is beautiful. I took some photos with my new funky camera:

As it’s starting to get colder, here is a wonderful song by Laura Marling about England in Winter. I went to see her in Bristol Cathedral the other day as part of her UK cathedral tour, and it was beautiful.


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