Al Pacino, Patchwork and Pigeon Loving…

I watched the Godfather last night, and have rapidly developed an infatuation with Al Pacino.  Man alive he is attractive.  He can put a horse’s head in my bed any day.

It’s raining catastrophically outside, and I am snuggled into the corner of my room with a cup of tea (extra strong).  Now I don’t like to boast, but I genuinely have been making the most glorious patchwork quilt in the history of creation.  I have an awful lot of time off this Summer, so I thought I’d do something productive, and have consequently become elderly.  It isn’t finished yet, but you just wait!

There has been a pigeon in one of the hanging baskets outside Waitrose for quite a while now.  The basket did have flowers in it, but they’ve become slightly bedraggled since the pigeon has built its nest there.  Those baskets usually win awards, so I feel the pigeon has been a tad insensitive in its choice of home; then again, it’s probably hard being a single mother.  I certainly don’t see any commitment from the father..


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