Seagulls, Scallops and Spring Awakening…

As it’s been such a lovely day, I went outside to sit in the garden and feed the birds (with regard to this, I think I am becoming prematurely old and mad, like the snowglobe lady in Mary Poppins).  I drew some pictures. There was a seagull, who was just horrible, as it kept flapping at the pigeons, and then they got scared and looked to me for help, but I just didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Last week I also went to see the UWE Drama Soc‘s production of Spring Awakening, and it really was jolly good. Well done to a certain…biscuit man who jumped in at the last moment, it was excellently done! Personally, my favourite part was the boy-kiss, and the rape. I also liked the stick beating. It’s very important to big these people up, because they are in fact going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this Summer and they need lots of support, so do see any of their productions if you can, because it’s all lovely stuff.

Whilst my hooliganesque sister was at work, my cultural sister and I went to the Arnolfini Gallery on the waterfront, to see the Cosima Von Bonin ‘Bone Idle’ exhibition.  It was the ‘Sloth’ section of the ‘Lazy Susan’ series, and it was lovely! It was all about fatigue and sloth, and challenging the idea that laziness is a bad thing. There was a chick sitting on a rocket, and a patchwork octopus, and some scallops sitting on a swing. I managed to take one picture, but I got told off straight away. How naughty!

I bought a birdy postcard:

Two more things: Kate Nash is god. And so is Adele.



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