Banksy, Cats and Ainsley Harriott…

Just been for a walk around Bristol because it is just SUCH a lovely day. I thought I’d take the cobbledy path along the river, past all the boats, because all the swans were out and I love the swans. I don’t think they know if they like me or not, because sometimes I have bread for them and sometimes I don’t. The other day I was walking over Bristol Bridge, and I threw a piece of bread over that I found on the floor (nice), and about 30 seconds later the entire ornithological population of Bristol was flying over the bridge trying to eat it, causing many honks of car horns. I hastily left the scene.

I walked over to the other side of the river, opposite the boat-club Thekla, because I knew there was a Banksy to be found around there somewhere. I thought myself quite the mystery-woman, and sure enough, there it was!! Apparently Banksy often visited Thekla in the 80’s. I haven’t been able to find its actual name, but I have taken it to be the guardian of the River Styx in Greek mythology.

I also must share some really lovely illustrations by my pal Martha Hearn. She draws these creepy cats and other oddities which are just wonderful. Ithoroughly suggest everyone looks at her flickr site, because they are so weird and creepy, but also very beautiful and mesmerising.

Also, I have a tip. I like couscous, and I have found some sachets made by Ainsley Harriott, which have various flavourings in them, like vegetables and spices! I think they’re on offer somewhere. Everytime I open my cupboard, there are several Ainsley Harriot faces peering down at me, and it makes me jolly happy.



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