Pomegranates, Radio and Sylvanian Families…

Everyone here is extremely excited about the new Tesco Express opening on our road. It opens tomorrow morning (ah!) and I’m sure I will be straight in there to pick up a purchase or two. Yes, there is also a Tesco Express roughly 7 minutes away, but who would choose that over a Tesco Express that is roughly 4 minutes away? There is just no competition. Plus, it will hopefully teach the Costcutter people underneath us to stop charging extortionate prices, like £10 for a Mars Bar (slight lie). So if you see any Bristolians with a happy smile, it is probably due to the new Tesco Express on Victoria Street.

I have bought this jumper off ASOS. I am very excited. It is red like the pomegranate!

I now also have my own radio show! It’s terribly exciting. It’s called The Tea Party and it is on UWE Hub Radio, Sundays 12-2pm. You must go on it, as it has strange games, lovely tunes and you can win prizes! PLUS there is a ‘Cake of the Week’ feature, in which I pick a cake, we all eat it, and then relate its goodness back to the listeners. I am yet to reveal this week’s cake, but rest assured it will be an excellent and intellectual choice.

Hub Radio Site

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Here are some Sylvanian Family members enjoying a Tea Party:


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