Goats, Promiscuity and Charlie Chaplin..

This weekend I went to the Glassboat Cheese Festival along the river, and it was really very pleasant. It had many a cheese, plus a goat, and the sun was out so it was all golden. I bought some Gorwydd Caerphilly which is a sumptuous cheese from Wales, and I bought some Apple, Pear & Ginger Jam to go with it, and some olives (mm).

The goat was a bit manic, because it kept trying to jump over the gate, and I think it did at one point because, on hearing a commotion, I turned to see a child looking very startled, and the goat tied to the furthest gate-post in the pen.  If it had tried jumping out this time, it would have landed on a  barge, although I think this was its plan all along, as riverboats can go awfully fast.

After we had eaten three thousand cheese samples, we became accidentally caught up in the filming of a semi-silent movie. We were to star as: Crowd. Our instructions were to watch a mime artist in front of us, and to clap and cheer as much as we could. It went well: we clapped and we cheered, although Hannah got too excited and let out a noise that portrayed her as outragously promiscuous. In conclusion, it’s going on my CV.

Following this, we had a pub lunch, and then made our way to Bristol Old Vic to watch Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator as part of the Slapstick Festival 2011.  I had never seen a Chaplin before, but this was far funnier than I thought it would be. We were also joined by Shappi Khorsandi, the Iranian comic from Live at the Apollo, and it turned out she loves Chaz Chaps (she even named her son after him!) so she gave us an introduction which was very witty!

Note: eaten too many mini eggs..


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