Michael McIntyre, Bill Bailey and Clouds…

I have been reading Michael McIntyre’s Life and Laughing recently, and it is really very funny. I like comedians, but there are only a few that make me cry with laughter, my favourites being Michael McIntyre and Bill Bailey. Lucy, Hattie and I have decided that Mikey is definitely husband material, as he is round and cuddly, but awfully humorous, like a magic bear.  One of his extracts reads as follows:

“My younger son, Oscar, is nearly two and only has one word, ‘hoover’, which he calls ‘hooba’.  Out of all the things in the world, why ‘hoover’?  My oldest, Lucas, who is four and a half – his first word was ‘car’.  I have no idea why, but I suppose you’ve got to start somewhere.  Maybe they’ll go into business together one day and run ‘McIntyre Brothers’, a car valeting service.”

Speaking of magic bears, on New Years Day we decided to go for a lovely walk. We had reached a long, cobbly path and were making our way down towards the river, when all of a sudden we saw on the horizon something moving very fast towards us.  Terror struck, and we quickly looked around for a place to hide, but we were surrounded by hedgerows and could not escape.  We faced the danger: what looked like a large cloud was bouncing along the path like a rabbit towards us.  It turned out to be a dog.  It was lovely, and wouldn’t stop bouncing, and actually it could only move its legs like a rabbit’s, with the back two hopping simultaneously whilst the front two drove.  It took up a lot of our time, but eventually we moved on, on hearing the news that if it got wet it would drown due to its excess of fur, which made us quite sad.

I’m off to make mince pies, so here is a hilarious clip of Bill Bailey performing a few years ago at the royal concert, We Are Most Amused:


2 thoughts on “Michael McIntyre, Bill Bailey and Clouds…

  1. nice pumkins! do u know my cousin has one of the parrots of harry potter from the 2nd film chamber of secrets of something :/

  2. I agree BB and MM are brilliant .Had not seen the BB video before , thank-you. Sorry we did not meet over Christmas but you appear to be having a great time in Brizzle. Have recently seen a TV show labelled “top 50 standups” must have been Ch4 or Ch5. MM and BB were deservedly in the top few , but the all time champ is still Billy Connolly ,Mrs Connolly is pretty damned good too. Probably top of my ” who would you like to have dinner with ” list. Have a lovely 2011.

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