Angry Birds, Jude and Peep Show…

I am happy with the Apprentice results: Jo NEEDED to wear more make-up, as she was a dead puffer-fish incarnate. Jamie was extremely handsome but didn’t really know what he was doing to be fair. Stuart..well. I liked Stella, she was cool, but Chris was just so lovely and posh and chubby that I really quite wanted him to win. He looks like the pig-thing from Angry Birds, in a good way.

Exciting news: my sources have told me that Jude Law is in fact staying in his Hampshire house over Christmas. As he charges £10,000,000 a film (I read Natwest magazine..), I figure he must be spending some of it in Waitrose, and as he is so handsome, he MUST be buying his cheese from the Deli or he is simply a fool. Therefore, I have calculated that, seeing as no-one has seen him so far this Christmas, he will be in Waitrose between now and Christmas Eve, A TIME SPAN IN WHICH I WILL BE WORKING AT WAITROSE FOR ALL OF MY DAYS. Hence, he will come over to the counter, I shall stand there all ablaze with beauty, he will fall in love as I supply him with a succulent portion of Colston Bassett Stilton (a must-have), and by Christmas morn, all will be well!

I have found my favourite moment in Peep Show ever. Mark has managed to get Jez a job interview at his work, but Jez doesn’t want it because it’s dull. It’s a good scene, but if you don’t have the time, just skip to the face bit, 1.28. It actually made my Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Angry Birds, Jude and Peep Show…

  1. Chibe! the logic applied above is truly without fault, particuarly the argument that one’s physical appearance is linked to whether one buys pre-wrapped or deli cheese… If Jude doesn’t fall for your beauty he will most certainly love your brain xx

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