Tramps, Grubbiness and The Great Gatsby..

I got a job at FatFace yeeeeeah! It’s good, I get to choose my uniform and I got some new jeans which are gurt lush. And it’s in Cabot Circus, which means I have to walk past Thorntons on the way home, which is perfect for buying chocolate coins. I really wanted to see a tramp on the way home so I could give him a chocolate coin instead of money, because I wanted to see if he would be angry or happy, but there were no tramps to be seen, which is very rare. Here’s one:

This tramp left thousands of pounds in pension funds after he died, even though he lived in a ringroad in Wolverhampton. Such a babe! Read:

We went to Carnage last weekend, it was eventful and fun! It was emergency services theme so I went as ARMY which was good because I smothered my face in brown and I didn’t have to worry about nice-looking skin. Although by the end of the night it had almost all come off so I just looked really grubby.

Hannah and I are very excited because there is a new adaptation being made of The Great Gatsby, which is an early 20th Century American novel and it’s very good! (Although when I first read it I thought pfft but second time gooood) It’s being directed by Baz Lurhmann, who did Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge! I think he’s brillo pads, and I reckon it will be fab. This woman doesn’t think it will be, but she’s wrong so don’t worry about her.

He’s such a babe our Baz, look at his creative little face!


One thought on “Tramps, Grubbiness and The Great Gatsby..

  1. Another classic Chibe, loving the use of the word ‘gurt’. I have actually heard that tramp story in my legal travels cos there was something funny with his will. Baz is quite good looking really, I did not know that. How informative you are! Xxx

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