Francis and Batchelor visit… Winchester!

Yesterday, Mr Batchelor – – and I visited the lovely town of Winchester! I shall tell you the reason: he forgot to come to my Waitrose leaving meal. I was distraught, but after recovering from my grief, we went for tea and cake in the lovely ‘Ginger Two’ tearoom and home boutique in St. Thomas Street. As tearooms go, and I have seen my fair share, it was just delightful! Handmade cakes and a highly diverse range of teas and coffees made it a lovely taste of England. I had a green tea which I think was called ‘Mao Feng’ and James had a nice Earl Grey, which we both followed up with a lovely slice of Blueberry and Lemon cake!

We then went to Winchester Cathedral. I am not a normal 18-year-old girl; my favourite activities do not include harrassing preppy boys or identifying which foundation suits my skin tone, nude or ivory. I like to look at things like this, and the most exciting part was that there is currently a Jane Austen exhibition on until the end of September! We looked all around the Cathedral, and we went to see Jane Austen’s tombstone, and I was angry when someone stepped on it as if it were a mere slab of rock! Ahh lovely Jane.

And we went down to the crypt with the statue by Antony Gormel called “Sound II” – a terribly riveting memory for anyone who went to Churcher’s and did R&P for GCSE. Remember? Yes. Now you remember. A long day.

We finished off our lovely afternoon with a look at Jane Austen’s house, where she died with her head on her sister’s knee in 1817. It’s not open to the public, which I think is ridic.

In true Batchelor style, here are the results:

Weather: 20/20 – SUN.
Food & Drink: 18/20 – THERE WERE NO SCONES..
Architecture: 17/20 – You can blame the people who own Jane’s house for that.
Costs: 20/20 – I managed to use my Student Discount on the day it ran out.
The City: 20/20 – Just lovely.

Overall: 95/100. Winch is good.

For a stronger taste of Winchester, try Old Winchester cheese, a vegetarian substitute for Parmesan. Available now at your local Waitrose.


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