Austen, Sushi and American Pie…

I went to Cheriton Beer Festival on Saturday to see Hazza Paulo’s dad playing in his band ‘The Replays’. It was a good time! It reminded me of old Langrish School BBQ days when they used to sing every year, and they played American Pie and Love Shack and all the funky tunes. However, I was wearing a poncho and I was very hot, but I had a nice purple cider to cool my insides. It was one of the best times of the Summer I think, except Babylon was not played, which made me cross as a big red bull.

Last night we went to see a play. It was an open-air rendition of Pride and Prejudice, and it was just wonderful! It was at Gilbert White’s house in Selborne, and the sky was completely clear and we all had picnics and Appletiser. It was a bit cold, but that was fine because I had many rugs. The stage was set against a big rolling hill, so all you could see was fields and trees all around, and at about 9.00 we heard an owl, which is shocking because I have just bought some owl earrings.

My mum and I went to West Quay shopping today, and I introduced her to Yo! Sushi. I tell a bit of a lie, I’d never been there before. But I do love raw fish and seaweed, so we went there and it was highly entertaining! You sit at this tiny table, and a conveyor belt comes round delivering loads of wonderful Sushi dishes, such as prawns and salmon and very sticky rice. Then you count up all your plates, and pay for them all at the end! I also had some Pomegranate Green Tea, which was sumptuous.

I also bought a beige duffle coat, which Hazza has too, and the other day I bought a mustard-yellow cardigan, and all my tights have holes in. Therefore, I am now basically a war-time evacuee child. Here’s me and my pals:


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