Sunshine, Nectarines and Harting…

It is so lovely and sunny! Just wonderful!

We’ve started buying nectarines again, which are the juiciest mahoosiest fruits of the world. I think they might be better than a drink. They’re all red and plumpous, and I really like them.

Yesterday I went to Lucy’s house in Harting with Hattie, and we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. There were many cows, that were definitely heading towards us, but I think we managed to keep them at bay. I’m entering a blogging competition on ASOS, and so I needed them to take photos of me, as they are such fab photographers. They are cool photos I think! I shall include them in this. I also went in the pool, in an inflatable oblong bed, and it was just lovely!

Matty told me about this thing he read in the Metro and it was amazing! This woman had a massive trunk full of teabags, one teabag for every cup of tea she had ever had for the past 30 years or something. And she had a little notebook with each cup of tea she had and the situation, so like… 9.30 am, tea in Jane’s garden, talked about her affair. I definitely want to do this one day!


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